Our Mission

A longstanding difficulty in the operation of rod-pump systems is the ability to monitor the operating conditions and health of a well without the need for prohibitively expensive equipment or daily inspections. To address this issue, we have developed a novel acoustic-based diagnostic method (patent pending) that is capable of determining down-hole conditions using extremely cost effective equipment. We are able to monitor the pump operation as well as flow rates and motor electrical parameters and feed those information  to our AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to automatically optimize the production.

Function & capabilities

By connecting a plug and play digital sensor to the flow line, we can determine various pump parameters such as gas fraction and wear state. Critical/abnormal issues such as rod failure, pump tagging, anchor failure, motor failure, etc. can also be diagnosed by our solution. Additionally, we can measure gas leakage. The sensor does not interfere with the well’s existing operations and is both easy and quick.


  • Improved well efficiency through increased production and reduced maintenance & energy costs.

  • Real-time, 24/7 monitoring of well conditions/status accessible through cellphone and computer.

  • Reliable, plug & play low-cost well optimization solution with no implementation risk.